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There are so many good resources if you are looking for Australianisms.
I have compiled a list of books for further reading:

Title: Stunned Mullets & Two-pot Screamers
Arthur: G.A. Wilkes
Oxford University Press, ISBN: 978 0 19 556316 0

Title: A Dingo's Breakfast, a guide to Aussie Lingo
Arthur: Anne Matthews
Hachette Australia, ISBN: 978 0 733622 36 6

Title: The New Dinkum Aussie Dictionary
Arthur: Richard Beckett
New Holland Publishers Australia, ISBN: 9781 8643 66457

Title: The Lingo Dictionary of Favourite Australian Words and Phrases
Arthur: John Miller
Exisle Publishing, ISBN: 9781 9214 970 49

Title: The Penguin Book of Australian Slang
Arthur: Lenie Midge Johansen
Penguin Books Australia, ISBN: 1 85471 428 7

Title: The True Blue Guide to Australian Slang
Arthur: Jenny Hunter, editor
New Holland Publishers Australia, ISBN: 9781 74110 1928

Title: The Dinkum Dictionary
Arthur: Susan Butler
Text Publishing Australia, ISBN: 978 1 921351 98 3

Title: Australian Slang
Penguin Group Australia, ISBN: 978 0 14 300911 5

Title: Aussie English for Beginners (3 book set)
Cartoons by David Pope
National Museum of Australia Canberra, ISBN: 1 876944 29 3

Title: Dog's Eye & Dead Horse, Complete Guide to Australian Rhyming Slang
Arthur: Graham Seal
ABC Books, ISBN: 978 0 7333 2589 2


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