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artists statement

Pinhole Photography

Ever since I witnessed my first print magically appearing in a tray of developer, I have been addicted to photography.

To me, there is nothing more rewarding than having control over light itself. Through my years of study in school, photography always remained my sole vehicle for expression; however, it quickly became too technical and methodical. I mastered the art of creating a technically "perfect" print, but in the process I felt I lost my artistic expression amid rigid scientific formulas.

Several years ago, when all of my fellow photographers were diving into the digital world, I decided to take a step back from it all. I was still enjoying the amber glow of safelights and the enchantment of my darkroom and I became determined to get back to the bare roots of photography. I was anxious to let go of the control even a lens offered, and rely on my vision to create my images. The pinhole camera provided me with that opportunity.

Today I shoot with several different pinhole cameras. A few I have purchased and some I have created myself. I find that creating the camera is as exciting as seeing the final negatives and images that are produced.

The risk and the uncertainty of pinhole cameras have given me a freedom that does not compare to anything else I have ever created a photograph with. To me, it is the perfect tool for representing the world as I see it.