snowglobe pinhole series

i dedicate this ongoing photographic series to my dear friend, Bill, the finder of discarded treasures in any garage or estate sale. once when we were neighbors, i left my house one saturday morning to find this wonderful snowglobe perched on my doorstep.

it appeared to be such a sad little toy at first, its inexpensice plastic dome had long before been cracked and it had lost all of its liquid. however, inside, smiling back at me just as happy as could be, were the two little snow people. they were grinning from ear to ear, all bundled up in their winter frocks, surrounded by the remaining bits of "snow" that was no longer able to float around them. the warm mississippi day did not melt their spirits one bit.

not long after, the snowglobe became a familiar subject of my pinhole photographs. the photographic medium seemed to suit them well. now i travel all over the world with my little snowglobe.

so far, ironically, i have not been able to photograph them in the icy climate that they are meant for. they do seem to have enjoyed the beaches though! and the adventure is not over yet...