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Celeste Brignac Pinhole Photography Celeste Brignac Pinhole Photography
Celeste Brignac Pinhole Photography Celeste Birgnac Pinhole Photography
Celeste Brignac Photography


All Oz Cards connects people. Grab your family. Tell your friends to take a seat.

Watch the conversation and tall stories flow as the games unfold. Remember how to have fun!

OzOnDeck is available now, with further decks to follow. And what better gift idea when you need to post something overseas? Order now!

About the Project

Born in Louisiana, Celeste Brignac visited Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in 2005. Fascinated with both the landscape and culture of Australia, Brignac accepted permanent residency and began to uncover the ‘Australianisms’ that run thick and fast.

Thanks to the ’ol boys in the pub, Brignac expanded her Aussie vocabulary, one beer at a time. Thick skin helped save Brignac from ‘spitting the dummy’ when saying the right thing in the wrong context, and Brignac chalks it up as ‘she’ll be apples’.

When asked ‘What do you do for a crust?’ Brignac can point to a growing portfolio of photography and design work across a broad scope of mediums.

Brignac believes ‘it’s time to promote interactivity between people’, and what better way than the revival of the time-honoured game of cards.

"I first came to Australia in 2005 and fell in love with the country and the people here. As an artist, I was trying to break into the field here by entering competitions, exhibiting in a few galleries and participating in local community markets.

One day I attended a workshop that was held at the Pine Rivers Regional Art Gallery in Strathpine, Queensland. It was presented by the Memento organisation and was all about producing a unique memento of Australia as a local artist and marketing that product to promote the tourism industry. Unfortunately the Memento Awards have ceased to exist, but the workshop inspired me to develop this deck of playing cards, each featuring an Australianism.

I took several months researching the various Australianisms that are part of Australia’s popular culture and carefully omitting those that have too much American or British influence. A lot of the Australianisms were delightfully discovered through conversation, over a yarn at the local pub.

Many thanks go out to all of my friends who have had to endure all my questions and who delivered much needed advice!" -- Celeste


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